A girl sitting at a laptop in the background with a Jack Skellington mug in the foreground

My Digital Literacy Project

‘In the first weeks of class students will setup an individual WordPress site using a specific URL formula provided in class’ (University of Technology Sydney 2018). ‘The URL will include their student number and the abbreviation DL18 – for example http://12345678DL18.wordpress.com’ (University of Technology Sydney 2018). ‘Students will be expected to publish to their blogs weekly in advance of class, and following feedback and discussion of these in class during the semester and by the due date above will nominate four of their 400-word posts for assessment (and copy and paste the text of these into Turnitin for submission)’ (University of Technology Sydney 2018). ‘In each of these posts, students must reference at least one academic source from the subject reading list and two not from the reading list’ (University of Technology Sydney 2018). ‘Note- you can’t double up! Appropriate UTS Harvard referencing and academic expression must be used’ (University of Technology Sydney 2018).


University of Technology Sydney 2018, Assignments, Ultimo, viewed 23 August 2018 <https://online.uts.edu.au/webapps/blackboard/content/listContent.jsp?course_id=_35736_1&content_id=_2795753_1&mode=reset>